Why Aotearoa

In 2020 Aotearoa is in a potential global leader position on Marine Energy – and here is why:


  • The NZ government declared a Climate Emergency in December 2020, including that the government will be Carbon Neutral in five years time.
  • NZ has a Labour/ Green Majority Government which can make bold leadership decisions.
  • The country is almost COVID free and fully operational
  • NZ could set up a special economic zone for Marine Energy Testing & Development to attract overseas developers & investors

Renewable Energy Leader

  • NZ already generates over 85% of its electricity from Renewable Energy.

Natural Advantages

  • NZ has some of the highest wave and tidal energy potential globally, with several GW (1.5 GW in Cook Strait alone)
  • Key energy consumers close to marine energy resources (Wellington, Auckland- Kaipara, Whangarei)

Talent Advantages

  • NZ are born navigators and know & understand the ocean well
  • NZ industry has huge offshore servicing and advanced material experience 
  • Kiwi Innovators can solve almost any marine related challenge


AWATEA believes that NZ can become a global leader in Marine Energy by 2030.