Wave Forecasting in Support of Offshore Operations

Dr. Sascha Kosleck of AUT University will be speaking tomorrow (Friday 21 February) at NIWA about wave forecasting and its application in offshore operations

Talk Abstract:

We seek to develop a linear, deterministic approach for the just-in-time prediction of an ocean wave field. The work focuses on the forecast of natural sea states as well as wave induced vessel/structure motions based on information gathered from a series of surface elevation snapshots of the surrounding free water surface.  By forecasting the wave train to be encountered by a ship or offshore structure, the wave induced motion behaviour can subsequently be derived – given that the frequency domain transfer functions of the system are known. For cruising vessels, the dependency of the transfer functions on the cruising speed of the vessel is of special interest. The talk will show that new linear methods for the prediction of the motion behaviour of a stationary or cruising vessel/structure deliver excellent results.

Friday, 21 February, 10:30 am
NIWA Greta Point, 301 Evans Bay Parade, Wellington
Brodie Building Boardroom (go to reception in the Allen Building first).
For further information contact Craig Stevens (04) 386-0300 or craig.stevens@niwa.co.nz