Programme Released

gareth grettonI’m delighted to announce today the programme for this year’s AWATEA conference.

In keeping with the theme of “Global Advances”, the morning sessions will feature a wide range of international speakers giving us an update on activities in their field. These include both industry and academic speakers covering topics including technology, business development, and environmental monitoring. The majority of these speakers will be in Wellington, while others will be in the UK and US and presenting live via video link. Questions and answers will be available for the remote speakers as usual. I believe this may be a first for an AWATEA conference!

This year also marks 10 years since the inception of AWATEA, and the 10th Annual Conference. This provides an ideal opportunity for a reflection on these 10 years, and the afternoon sessions will provide an opportunity for this. I believe we need to celebrate the achievements which have taken place in this time – and there are many – and also examine what our priorities should be going forwards.

I now encourage AWATEA members, past and present, to register for this event. Be inspired again by the global advances highlighted by our international speakers and join in the discussion on 10 years of AWATEA.

I look forward to seeing you there!

Gareth Gretton

  • Click here for the full programme and more information on the event