NIWA Seminar on Modelling Environmental Impacts of Marine Energy Arrays

Large scale interactive coupled modelling of environmental impacts of marine renewable energy farms – Dr Louise Kregting, Queens University Belfast

For the UK to fulfil its energy demand and renewable commitments by 2020, it is recognised by the Government that it will be necessary to have a significant input from marine renewable resources, both wave and tidal. This will require the deployment of arrays of large numbers (>50) to provide electrical energy on a commercially viable basis. Such arrays would potentially extend along many kilometres of UK coastlines. While limited work has been carried out into the potential environmental impact of single devices, the impact that arrays may have on the flow-field together with possible resulting effects on marine ecosystem processes is unknown. The overall aim therefore is to demonstrate the ability to numerically model the change in ambient hydrodynamics resulting from the installation of wave and tidal device arrays and to couple the model output to associated ecological models to allow prediction of associated changes in benthic habitats and dynamics, plankton growth and fish communities.

Tuesday, 19 March 2013, 10:30 am NIWA
NIWA Greta Point, 301 Evans Bay Pde Wellington
Brodie Building Boardroom (go to reception in Allen Bdg first).
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