2014 Conference Programme

We are pleased to announce the following Keynote Speakers for the upcoming AWATEA conference on Thursday 8 May at the Royal Society of New Zealand conference:

GHGreen Energy Spokesperson Gareth Hughes will outline his vision for a 100% renewable New Zealand electricity system and the role marine energy can play. He will outline how NZ Power can support the sector in reaching this target and how other reforms around power purchase agreements, avoided cost of transmission pricing and a new New Zealand Energy Strategy will deliver a richer New Zealand built on clean energy.

GRGlen Ryan from Bombora Wave Power will be providing an overview of the Bombora technology and project development pipeline. He will also be covering project development risk management, highlighting how Bombora’s management have had to adapt to survive through the technical, funding and governmental policy challenges, and sharing what serendipitous market discoveries they have made along the way.

Keith Bowyer from Ocean Power Technologies will also be a Keynote Speaker. Details of his presentation will be uploaded to our conference page shortly.

Other speakers will be discussing resource assessments, environmental modelling, technology developments and niche applications for devices, amongst other topics.

The final programme can be viewed in full here.

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