Our sponsors

AWATEA could not have been established and would not survive without
generous support and sponsorship from a number of organisations. Below
we list the organizations, which provided founding sponsorship to AWATEA,
as well as those that sponsored the most recent Blue Energy conference.

The Executive would like to acknowledge the generous support and
assistance of all its sponsors in enabling AWATEA to undertake its active
work programme and communications efforts and offers its thanks to all

Founding Sponsors

Founding sponsor of AWATEA
Funded inaugural meeting on February 2006
Funded website maintenance 2006-2011
Funded newsletter production from 2007-2011
Foundation sponsor of the conference 2007-2012
  Founding sponsor of AWATEA
  Founding sponsor of AWATEA
Foundation sponsor of the conference 2007-2012
Co-sponsor of ongoing operation

Blue Energy Conference 2012 Sponsors

Including EECA and Meridian above, the organisations that sponsored the
2012 conference were:

 Lunch sponsor
   Lunch sponsor
   Morning tea sponsor
   Social hour sponsor