29 April 2010
On 29 April 2010, AWATEA made a submission to Government relating to its proposed amendment of the Foreshore and Seabed Act with respect to the potential challenges for New Zealand marine energy.

30 June 2009
On 30 June 2009, AWATEA made a submission to the Energy Efficiency Conservation Authority (EECA) reviewing the issues of and options for marine energy resource allocation regimes in New Zealand waters.

7 November 2008
On 7 November 2008 AWATEA made a submission to the Board of Inquiry on the proposed National Policy Statement for Renewable Electricity Generation.  The submission covered three areas with respect to marine energy:

  1. ‘Reversibility’ of marine energy projects on decommissioning
  2. Evidence to enable the removal of marine energy from the <4 MW threshold for projects, which is backed up by a report commissioned by EECA on the environmental impacts of marine energy converters
  3. Comments on ‘fast-tracking’ permits for marine energy prototype deployments.

15 June 2007
AWATEA also made a submission to the Australian Parliament on 15 June 2007. The House Standing Committee is conducting an inquiry into the renewable energy industry in Australia.  AWATEA made its own submission (see below) and worked with members BioPower Systems, Energy Pacifica and Oceanlinx so that they made independent submissions.

Late 2006 – early 2007 was a busy period for submissions to Government on the draft Energy Strategy, Energy Efficiency and Conservation Strategy and a range of climate change documents.  AWATEA was involved in pre-release discussions with various Government agencies and has been involved in consultation meetings since that time.

AWATEA developed its submission by holding its first annual conference and canvassing the views of both conference registrants and members.  AWATEA has taken the views of respondents into account.  There were some differences in opinion over certain issues and time did not permit development of a consensus.  However, these differences of opinion are shown in the submission and the Executiv