Annual General Meetings

AWATEA’s Annual General Meeting is usually held in central Wellington in August/September and is open to members and non-members.  Apart from conducting the Association’s business, such as elections to the Executive, the meetings are usually held with a presentation or mini-conference.

Special General Meetings are generally only held when issues requiring a vote are called for.


2015 Annual General Meeting

On Friday 4th December 2015 the AWATEA Annual General Meeting was held at NIWA, Greta Point, Wellington.
The details, successes and stories of AWATEA and marine energy in the past year were presented with a focus on the greatly successful annual conference held in May 2015 which is to be held again this year in May 2016. National and international news was reported to those present including the progress of the Education initiative AWATEA is currently involved with led by Gareth Gretton of WelTec.
A vote on the 2016 Board members was held – details of which can be found here – and Dr. Gareth Gretton was elected as the new Chair.
The Board would like to thank all who attended the 2015 AGM.

2014 Annual General Meeting

The 8th AWATEA AGM was held on Thursday 11th December 2014 at NIWA, Greta Point, Wellington with great success.

A quorum under the rules was achieved and all three of the proposed motions were passed which included expanding the number of elected Board members and the transformation of the Association to an unpaid Chair-led organisation.

The AWATEA Board now consists of nine members, the biographies of which can be found here:

Attendees were also given presentations on the current state of AWATEA, an update from Derek Shotbolt on EHL Group’s Wave Energy Device poised to be deployed in Hawaii and the latest news on the New Zealand Marine Energy Centre. These presentations can be found on Members page.

Gareth Gretton from WelTec described several exciting educational initiatives that AWATEA is pursuing, whilst Kennie Tsui from MBIE talked through various government initiatives and opportunities.

Gratitude was expressed to the long-standing board member of AWATEA, present at the Association’s inception, Alexander Malahoff, now standing down from the Board.

The Board would like to thank all who attended the 2014 AGM and those members who sent in their votes when not able to be present themselves.


2013 Annual General Meeting

AWATEA held its 7th AGM on 26 September 2013 at NIWA’s offices in Wellington. The meeting was quorate, with over 35% of available votes cast, enabling motions to be passed. This included approval of the Annual Report and election of the new Executive. Gratitude was expressed to the three Executive Members standing down for their service to the association and its membership: John Huckerby, Cliff Turner and Garry Venus. Biographies of all 8 Executive Members can be found below. Attendees were also given presentations on the current status of AWATEA, Craig Steven’s visit to MCT’s turbine in Strangford Lough and the latest news on the NZ Marine Energy Centre proposal. 

2012 Special General Meeting

A Special General Meeting was held at Power Projects Limited’s offices on 6 December 2012 where a vote was held on two issues. These related to to AWATEA’s financial year and to the votes available to Professional members:

1. Changing AWATEA’s financial year from the tax year (1 April to 31 March) to the calendar year. The purpose of this change was to simplify AWATEA’s income tax and GST returns. The objective is to ensure that the income and expenses for the AWATEA conference and membership renewals fall in the same financial year. Members unanimously approved this change (100% or 77 votes cast). Consequently, the financial year will end on 31 December. However, membership subscription renewals will still run from 1 April to 31 March the following year. The benefit of this change is that the income and expenses for the AWATEA conference and for membership subscriptions should mostly fall in the same year, so our Annual Reports will be easier to understand.

2. The second change was to reduce the Professional Members’ votes from 3 to 2, acknowledging that Corporate Members paid substantially more in annual fees than Professional Members and yet received only 5 votes. The votes cast for this change were 68 in favour and 9 against (77 in total). This exceeded the 75% of votes available to be cast at the meeting, which are required to make a constitutional change. Consequently, the change was passed and, in all future votes, Professional Members will be able to cast 2 votes.

Both of these changes have now been implemented and a new copy of the Rules has been lodged with the Incorporated Societies Office.

2012 Annual General Meeting

The 6th Annual General Meeting of AWATEA was held at Meridian Energy Limited’s offices at 33 Customhouse Quay on Thursday 6 September.

The members present approved the 2012 Annual Report, which has since been lodged with the Incorporated Societies Office and a change to the Association’s Rules to include Student memberships.  A new Executive was unanimously elected.  Members were also given presentations on past year’s activities, plans for the coming year and work done by the Executive on the NZ Marine Energy Centre proposal.

Details of the AGM can be found in the minutes attached below.

AGM 2012 Minutes

2011 Annual General Meeting

The 5th Annual General Meeting of AWATEA will be held at Meridian Energy Limited’s offices at 33 Customhouse Quay, central Wellington from 15:00 – 18:00 on Thursday 1 September 2011.

Non-members are welcome to attend, but for catering purposes, we ask you to RSVP to or call 04 499 0060 before 17:00 on Wednesday 31 August 2011. Non-members will not be able to vote on resolutions at the AGM. Refreshments will be served and a speaker is also being arranged.

Dr John Huckerby
On behalf of the Executive of AWATEA

AGM Notice

2010 Annual General Meeting

Members of the 2001-2010 Executive were re-elected. Mr Garry Venus was elected as the only professional member standing to replace Dr. Peter McComb, who did not stand for re-election.

Chairman’s Presentation2010 AGM Minutes

2009 Annual General Meeting

The members present at the meeting and proxy votes elected a new Executive to serve until the next AGM. Tim Divett, recipient of the inaugural AWATEA Travel Bursary, gave a presentation on his experiences at the UKERC Energy Summer School, which he attended in Brighton during July 2009.

EO Presentation2009 AGM MinutesTim Divett’s Presentation

2008 Annual General Meeting

The members present at the meeting and proxy votes elected a new Executive to serve until the next AGM. Phil Heatley, National’s Associate Spokesman on Energy, gave a presentation on National’s views on marine energy.

EO Presentation2008 AGM Minutes

Annual General Meeting and Developers’ Day Mini-conference

AWATEA held its first Annual General Meeting on 16 August 2007 at the Lion Harbourview Lounge, Wellington Convention Centre. Forty nine people attended the meeting.

Annual General Meetings 2007

The members present at the meeting and proxy votes elected a new Executive to serve until the next AGM and passed two resolutions, to create Life Member and Honorary member categories.

The minutes of the meeting can be downloaded here:

2007 Executive Officer’s report