Conference 2015

The AWATEA Annual Conference was held on Thursday 7th May 2015 at the Royal Society of New Zealand in Thorndon, Wellington. It was followed on the Friday by the Callaghan Innovation-sponsored marine energy acceleration workshop. Both days proved to be great successes and benefitted again from the great facility at the Royal Society.

The Callaghan- sponsored guest speakers were especially invigorating with Jim Dehlsen from Ecomerit in the US giving an inspiring talk motivating the industry as a whole. He highlighted the need for swift action around low-carbon energy sources and followed this with a great talk going over some of the history in the development of wind energy and identifying what marine might learn from this.

Other speakers presented recent results came from a range of organisations including MetOcean, Motu, NIWA, HERA, EHL, GNS, University of Otago. Especially noteworthy was Suzi Kerr from MOTU. It was the first time this audience had seen their ideas and approach and it provided an excellent basis for understanding the connections between the economy and climate.

Also new was a Pecha Kucha session, a high-energy talk format that really drives the speakers to give their message in a dynamic and to-the-point format. Feedback around this was overwhelmingly positive. Software developer, Steve West, gave an excellent talk around electric vehicles. This stands to open the demand side wide in the coming decade.

The Callaghan workshop was a challenging mix of motivational ideas and debate around how to really get things going.

As we have seen in previous years, the dinner was a great success.

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