Our Objectives

AWATEA was established in April 2006 to advocate for, assist and accelerate the development of the marine energy industry. It acts as an industry association with the following mission:

“AWATEA will promote, aid and foster a vibrant and viable marine energy industry in New Zealand”

AWATEA is the national association for the representation of industry and research interests in marine energy and its uses. AWATEA has the following Objects:

  • Promote the marine energy industry in New Zealand, including research, energy generation, marine fabrication and marine services
  • Increase recognition and utilization of marine energy as another energy source in New Zealand’s supply portfolio
  • Act as a centre for advocacy of marine energy, including lobbying, drawing up submissions to Government and representing the views of the marine energy industry
  • Become an exchange for information about the marine energy sector, to provide and publish statistics and informed commentary on issues affecting the uptake of marine energy in New Zealand
  • Be a meeting place for marine energy industry participants
  • Represent the New Zealand marine energy industry to national bodies, including Government agencies, non-governmental organizations and other industry bodies and liaise with other international bodies

Rules of the Association

It is a condition of membership that all applicants agree to support the Objects and comply with the Rules of the Association. Copies of the Rules are available below or can be inspected on the Societies and Trusts Online website (www.societies.govt.nz).

The Executive

2015:16 Board copy

Image: The 2015/16 AWATEA Board

The following Board Members were elected at the 2016 Annual General Meeting:

Mr. Simon Becker Independent Member
Mrs. Charlotte Boys Independent Member
Mr. Simon Fleisher Independent Member
Dr. Gareth Gretton AWATEA Chairman and Independent Member
Mr. Armin Howard  Projects Group and Operations Manager, Energy Hydraulics Limited – Professional Member
(New Plymouth)
Mr. Nick Inskip Industry Development Manager, NZ Heavy Engineering Research Association – Non-Profit Member
(Manukau City)
Mr. Martin Knoche Independent
Mr. Alistair Mallett Independent
Dr. Natalie Robinson Climate Scientist, NIWA – Corporate Member
Dr. Craig Stevens Principal Scientist in Marine Physics, NIWA – Corporate Member

The biographies of each of the ten Board members can be found here: 2016 Board Member Biographies.