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Highlights from this year’s AWATEA Conference

Around 50 people gathered in Wellington on the 8th of May 2014 for the AWATEA annual conference. By all accounts it was a great success, even in these straitened times for renewable energy. A number of changes from past conferences played a role in this. The decision to move to a one day event, while it reduced opportunities for people to present, gave a heightened sense of critical mass and focused the quality of the talks. The new venue at the Royal Society was perfect and placed the meeting in the context of the focal point for much of New Zealand’s research and forward-thinking. We also made the conference dinner an integral part of the event and were repaid by you with great enthusiasm with well over 2/3rds of delegates coming along. Dinner was made all the more memorable with an impromptu performance by a visiting Philippine choir. Charlotte Sterck’s tireless efforts made the whole thing come together seamlessly, as did Rebecca McPherson’s AV support on the day.

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