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Wave Energy Technology – New Zealand in Oregon

Members may have noticed the press releases and magazine articles about the deployment of the WET-NZ device in Oregon. To remind members, WET-NZ and its US partner, bid for and was awarded funding by the US Department of Energy in September 2010.  Since then the project team has been working steadily on two key tasks:

  1. 1:30-scale tank testing at the Oregon State University test tanks to help refine the device design.  These tests were conducted in October 2011 and enabled some controlled testing of the WET-NZ wave energy device in a range of sea-states.
  2. Building in Oregon a ½-scale device, equivalent in size to the MEDF device, which has been deployed here in New Zealand.  In the end the hull of the device was built in Oregon, whilst the Power Pod was built in NZ and shipped to Oregon.

The tank testing facilitated some significant changes to the design, notably the float shape (compare the NZ device on the left with the US device on the right).

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